6 New and Hits Instagrammable Beach for Vacation in Bali 2019 – 2020

By | December 29, 2019


Nusa Ceningan Beach, nusa penida Bali vacation 2020

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The island of Bali is not only about Kuta or Seminyak. Nusa Ceningan Bali is now transformed into a popular tourist destination. This small island is one of the islands located in the southeastern part of Bali. Its natural beauty makes tourists start flocking to come.

Nusa Ceningan Bali is part of a group of islands in Nusa Penida. This island has a size of only 300.6 hectares. The island is only divided into two hamlets, namely Ceningan Kawan and Ceningan Kangin. In total there are around 1,523 residents of 300 family who live In this island.

Administratively, Nusa Ceningan Bali is included in the Lembongan Village area in Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency. In addition, there are also temples which are sacred and important places in Ceningan. These temples include Bakung Temple, Tirta Dalem Buhu Temple, Batumelawang Temple, or Tri Adi Sakti Temple.

Attraction and activities at Nusa Ceningan, Bali

The main attraction of this small island is its natural beauty. By utilizing the natural beauty, many places and tourist activities that can be done here, such as :

Ceningan Secret Beach

Secret Beach is a small beach with a length reaching 50 meters. This beach has white sand that is clean and smooth. There are several areas decorated with coral with left and right overgrown with bushes.

It’s just that, the beach in Nusa Ceningan Bali has big waves. Therefore, this beach will be quite dangerous if used as a place to swim. Instead, you can play by the beach and hunt for instagramable photos.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is the next tourist destination in Nusa Ceningan, Bali. This place is a beach that has cliffs and is located in a small bay. This cliff has a steep structure with a height reaching 20 meters.

Mahana Points

Mahana Points in Nusa Ceningan Bali is located not far from the Blue Lagoon. This tourist spot becomes a choice of extreme stressful activities. You can try a challenge to jump off a cliff. That’s if you are brave enough. Don’t worry about sinking, because the guides will always be ready to throw a buoy.

Abyss Zipline

Next is Abyss Zipline which makes you feel the experience of flying fox on high waves. You can try this challenging vehicle by visiting the Abyss Zipline Ceningan Island Resort.

How to get to Nusa Ceningan in Bali

It’s not difficult for tourists who want to go exploring Nusa Ceningan Island. Access to the island can be found in the Sanur area. Here, you can use the speed boat service to Nusa Lembongan. From Nusa Lembongan, the trip can continue to Nusa Ceningan.


Double Six Beach Bali Vacation 2020

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Double Six Beach which is only 2 KM from Kuta Beach can be used as an alternative to marine tourism in Bali. The name “Double Six” is taken from the name of a night club that was built close to this beach.

Privileges of Double Six Beach

Being one line with Kuta Beach, Double Six Beach offers a beautiful view similar to the owner of the nickname “Sunset Beach”. The sand at Double Six Beach is whiter because the cleanliness is still maintained. The visitors there are not as many as at Kuta Beach, so the atmosphere is relatively calmer.

Of course, there are still some other features of Double Six Beach that you can find out below :

Spoil visitors with a variety of unique cafes

If in Kuta Beach you can only sit back and enjoy the evening with a mat or bamboo chairs, on Double Six Beach you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset while sitting with a cushion chair under colorful umbrellas. These brightly colored cushion and umbrella chairs belong to several unique cafes scattered almost along the shoreline.

Every cafe available at Double Six Beach offers a variety of snacks, from traditional foods such as meatballs to western menus such as pizza and french fries. The best advice when you are in this cafe is not to move from your pillow chair or bean bag before watching the sunset at Double Six Beach !

Showing beautiful sunset panoramas

Speaking of sunset, Bali does have its own charm. No exception Double Six Beach which can be one of the right destinations for you who want to enjoy the sunset view. Moreover, Double Six Beach which is surrounded by many cafes with colorful umbrellas makes the surrounding scenery look more beautiful.

To be able to enjoy the sunset at Double Six Beach, you should come around 16:00 so you don’t miss the moment. You can also choose the best spot to enjoy the sunset in one of the cafes before the atmosphere gets crowded.

It is close to the Kuta area

Located on Jalan Double Six, Seminyak, Double Six Beach is a short distance from the Kuta area. From Kuta Beach, you only need to travel about 2 km in a 15-minute drive or 30-minute walk to the south to reach Double Six Beach. So, if you’ve already rented a room in the Kuta area, you don’t need to move hotels to be able to visit this beach.

Fun activities at Double Six Beach

Can not wait to visit Double Six Beach? Wait a minute! Here are some exciting activities that will make your vacation at Double Six Beach even more fun and worth sharing with your friends :

Play beach volleyball

Playing volleyball on the pitch is common, but what does it feel like on the beach? You can try this interesting activity while at Double Six Beach. Having a gentle slope, playing volleyball on this beach will feel fun and safe. You can play volleyball by forming a team with friends or other visitors. Besides playing volleyball, you can also play ball on the lips of Double Six Beach.

Play water surfing

On the favorite beaches on the island of Bali, almost everything can be used as a place to play or practice surfing. This is inseparable from the characteristics of the waves which are quite large and challenging.

Double Six Beach is one beach that is suitable for you to play surfing. This beach has big waves with strong currents in the middle of the sea. Along this beach, you can find surfboard rentals and training services for those who want to learn to surf.

Try bungee jumping

Especially those who like adventure or adrenaline with unusual activities, you should try jumping or bungee jumping on Double Six Beach. Bungee jumping is an extreme activity, where you will jump from a height with legs tied with elastic straps. You seem to be plunging into the vast ocean with a thrilling sensation. To try jumping lenting, you can come to several bars on Double Six Beach.

Freefall from a height of about 400 meters has become an activity that often attracts the attention of foreign tourists. At Double Six Beach, you will be taken up the tower with an elevator that has a swimming pool with a depth of 4 meters on the ground floor. For those who want to try this exciting experience, make sure that you don’t have heart disease.

Sunbathing while massaging on the beach

The beach is the best place for casual sunbathing. Usually, this activity is carried out by foreign tourists who want to make their skin tanned to look exotic. In Bali, Double Six Beach is one of the best destinations for sunbathing because of the clean environment that provides maximum comfort.

While sunbathing, you can also enjoy the sensation of massage or massage from the skilled hands of masseurs who offer services at Double Six Beach. The masseurs are usually friendly locals, so you can talk when you have a massage. After a massage, of course you will feel a more relaxed body.

Access and road to Double Six Beach

Located not far from Kuta Beach, access to Double Six Beach is very easy for motor vehicles or cars to pass through. From Kuta, you only need to drive following the route to Jalan Legian to Jalan Seminyak. After walking about 2 km, you will meet an intersection. Take the road to the left for about 200 meters until you find directions to Beach 66 or Double Six Beach.


West Bali National Park vacation 2020

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West Bali National Park is one of a number of natural conservation areas in Bali ranging from dense forests, sea water, beaches, mountains to funny animals that visitors can enjoy.

In addition, you can play with animals and enjoy beautiful flowers. West Bali National Park is an interesting blend of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, this also makes the West Bali National Park so often visited by both local and foreign tourists. If you are interested, let’s take a peek at interesting things that this West Bali National Park has.

Location and Route of the Road to WBNP

Before proceeding further, you need to know the place where West Bali National Park is located. With an area of ​​around 77,000 hectares, the West Bali National Park is located at the western end of the island of Bali, about 2 kilometers from the port in Bali Gilimanuk. What is interesting is the West Bali National Park area is located in 2 regions, namely Buleleng regency and Jembrana regency, Bali.

If you depart from the city of Denpasar, then you will take about 3 hours or the same as 60 kilometers to get to the West Bali National Park. For the route you can take, you can choose from several routes. For example you can leave from the northern route then through Jl. Raya Gilimanuk to Singaraja along the northern coast of the island of batik. Or you can take the southern route to the Gilimanuk highway and then to Denpasar.

In addition, if you depart from Jalan Gilimanuk you can go through the Jalan Raya choke to Seririt and then to Singaraja with a distance of about 85 kilometers. Or take the road from Surabaya to Banyuwangi then head to Ketapang.

You who are from the island of Java can also go directly to the West Bali National Park by crossing the Bali Strait to Gilimanuk using a ferry with 30 minutes travel time. You don’t need to worry, because this ferry crossing ship can operate 24 hours. After that you can continue the journey to Jalan Cekik by bus.

Other routes, such as using the air route, go to Ngurah Rai port in Denpasar via the southern route to the Jalan Cekik with a 3 hour drive.


Karma Kandara Beach Bali vacation 2020

Credit : instagram.com/red_comet75

This new tourist spot in Bali is Karma Kandara Beach, which is no less cool than other famous beaches like Kuta. This new tourist attraction in Bali is located in Ungasan, South Kuta District which offers a calm atmosphere and of course prioritizes privacy because it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city crowd. Its location is quite remote which offers stunning white sand and crystal clear sea water which is certainly fun for you to swim and relax to enjoy the sunshine of Bali.

Visitors are prohibited from littering around the beach area. Moreover, the edge of the beach belongs to the hotel Karma Kandara which is always closely guarded for the convenience of tourists who stay.

Most tourists who vacation to the Karma beach in Bali spend their vacation time sitting relaxed under umbrella-shaped tents and sunbathing on the beach, while enjoying food and drinks.

For those of you who don’t want to be exposed to the hot sun, you can sit and relax in the Karma Kandara Beach Club area while enjoying pizza and cold drinks.

The atmosphere of the beach is so quiet and calm, because there are no traveling vendors who will disturb your rest. The beauty of the beach scene became the superiority of the inn manager, because guests who stay always feel comfortable, calm and privacy is maintained.

For those who like to swim should be done in the afternoon. Besides the weather that is not hot, the sea water is still very clear and the waves are not so big.


Nusa Lembongan Beach Bali vacation 2020

Credit : instagram.com/jonteee

Although only a small island, Nusa Lembongan presents a lot of beauty and recreational places that are still rarely visited by local tourists. White sandy beaches with clear sea and various types of colorful fish and various types of colorful coral reefs are ready to welcome tourists when visiting Nusa Lembongan. This is the main attraction because the beaches are still very clean and maintained.

Access to Nusa Lembongan is fairly easy. Tourists only need to cross by boat from Sanur Harbor and can choose to pull over at Mushroom Bay or Jungut Batu.

There have been many ferry services using ships complete with hotel pickup. There are two alternative crossings, namely using a slow boat and can use a fast boat.

For slow ships, the journey is estimated to take 1.5 hours and costs around Rp. 60,000. As for the fast boat, it only takes 45 minutes to arrive at Nusa Lembongan at a cost of Rp 100,000

Arriving in Lembongan, tourists can explore the island by motorbike or car. Usually the price of renting a motorbike for a full day ranges between IDR 80,000-IDR 100,000. And the price of renting a car for one trip is IDR 150,000.

Environmental conditions are still beautiful and equipped with several facilities, ready to pamper tourists to enjoy the beauty of this island. There are several public location points that can be visited in Nusa Lembongan, such as residents’ villages and handicraft markets.

There are also several resorts available on Nusa Lembongan. Here also there is a village where the seaweed cultivation. This is because most of the populations in Nusa Lembongan are seaweed farmers. So when we visit Nusa Lembongan Island, tourists will see a lot of seaweed that is being dried in the sun. In addition, the island which is inhabited by around 4,000 inhabitants has a famous tourist attraction namely “Blue Lagoon Cliff Jump” and hidden cave caves.

Blue Lagoon Cliff provides an opportunity for deadly challengers to free fall from a high cliff into the open sea. The height itself is divided into 2, which can jump from a height of 13 meters and 8 meters. Here tourists can feel how thrilling it is to deal directly with the sea which crashes hard from a high cliff.

The sensation of welcoming directly the clear blue sea of ​​sapphire makes tourists want to try it. Only at a cost of Rp 50,000, – the tourists can jump from the cliff 2 times. We recommend going to Blue Lagoon Cliff in the morning, because the afternoon the waves will be even greater.


Jasri Beach Bali vacation 2020

Credit : instagram.com/akn_spicysol

Jasri Karangasem Beach is located in Jasri Village, hence it is named Jasri. The name of this beach may still sound familiar, but who would have thought if this beach is one of the filming locations of Julia Roberts, Eat, Pray and Love. Uniquely, Jasri Beach is divided into 3 parts namely East Jasri, Menteng Beach and Dalem Jasri Beach. These three beaches have their own uniqueness.

Jasri Karangasem Beach in the east is the most accessible beach and is often used as a religious ritual. Menteng Beach is a fishing beach where many fishing boats lean on the beach. Dalem Jasri Beach has big waves that are suitable for surfing

Attraction of Jasri Karangasem Beach

Jasri Karangasem Beach has black sand with gravel along the coast. On the beach there is a tripod that is useful to prevent abrasion. The natural beauty of the green along the beach is still beautiful. Clear sea water is certainly suitable for playing water, and the waves on the east coast Jasri are quite calm.

Activities That Can Be Done At Jasri Karangasem Beach

Besides swimming, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater with diving or snorkeling. You can rent all diving and snorkeling equipment at low prices.

You who like fishing can rent a fishing boat owned by fishermen for fishing with a relatively affordable price. In addition to renting a djoekoeng, you can also hunt fish with fishing rod. The best surfing on the beach in Jasri, the waves are quite large and the natural beauty is also still natural. You who are a beginner surfer can also play surfing here.

Jasri Karangasem Beach Facilities

– Gazebo for tourists to sit while enjoying the beauty of the beach and the sea breeze. To sit in the gazebo, you do not need to pay.

– Restaurants or stalls owned by local residents are lined up on the beach. Most of the dishes served are fresh seafood caught by fishermen. Communities around the beach are very friendly to visitors, so it will make you feel at home for a long time.

– Villas or homestay. If you are interested in staying overnight around Jasri beach there is a villa or homestay at an affordable price per night.

Location and How to Access Jasri Karangasem Beach

Jasri Beach is located in Jasri Village, Karangasem Regency, Bali. From Ngurah Rai Airport to the beach, you need a travel time of approximately 2 hours. The location of this beach is one lane with Ujung Karangasem Park tour and only 4 Km away.

From Ngurah Rai Airport you can go through to Bali Mandara Toll Road then to Ngurah Rai By Pass Road. After that, head east through the Ida Bagus Mantra By Pass road to the Goa Lawah tourist attraction. Then go east again to the district of Manggis to Candidasa Beach.

From Candidasa Beach, you head east again until the T-junction of a female statue carries a bark. Then take the right until you get to Jasri Beach. Even though the journey is long and certainly tiring, you can stop by various tourist objects while heading to the location. So that you are not too tired and bored in your vehicle.

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