Family-friendly Places to Vacation in California for 2020

By | November 2, 2019

Family-friendly places to vacation in California will let you and your kids enjoy the holiday together. During this time, we forgot that we shouldn’t go to the inappropriate places for the kids but we still do it anyway. So, we will help you to decide where to go on the next holiday in California. We know that California is heaven for adults but it is not kids-friendly.

We have made a list of the places to vacation in California that will make the kids love you more by the time the holiday ends.


No contest ! There are plenty reasons why you should stop here and spend a day to escort your kids to enjoy all the fun attractions. I bet that the kids would be very happy if you plan to extend the holiday here.

Disneyland Vacation California 2018

San Jose

San Jose offers Monterrey Bay Aquarium which is also the largest aquarium in California. This is the best place to introduce the kids to the underwater world. And also, there is Discovery Museum that will let the kids know more about science.

San Jose California Vacation 2018

Lake Tahoe

For an outdoor adventure, you can start to introduce the wildlife to the kids in Lake Tahoe. You can rent bikes and strolling around, hiking on the hill or take a boat ride on the lake. This is could be a memorable experience for the kids.

Lake Tahoe California Vacation 2020

San Diego Zoo

I bet that the kids would like to know more about animals in San Diego Zoo. You should come here during summer and see plenty animals attraction in this zoo.

San Diego Zoo California Vacation 2020

Those are the top list of the best places to vacation in California with your family. Make sure that you spend a day or two in one of those tourist attractions and see a smile in your kids.


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